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Adjustable toggle latches

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     Latches come in a large assortment of kinds, types and models. Most often the latch is made from ordinary carbon steel with zinc coating, stainless steel, some are made from cuprum, brass or aluminium. 

     The latch is used as fixing element. Latches enable easy installation and dismantling of various elements. Latches are used practically in all spheres of production (manufacture of the equipment, the production of variety of boxes, clamps for pipes, and so on).

     Product for which latches fit perfectly:
    • boxes and containers (wooden and metal) for every need;
    • hose clamp (holders for extinguishers, connections for ventilation systems);
    • filter covers;
    • removable protective casing;
    • trailers to cars and trucks;
    • agricultural machinery (clips the sides);
    • freezing chamber;
    • and so on... .